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The Pharaoh's Desire

Oscar_Oscar_ Duivelseitje, Bestuur, Apocalypcie Berichten: 32
Doordat de humans de donderdagmissie niet hadden gehaald, waren er twee consequenties. Ten eerste werd de vrijdagmissie substantieel moeilijker. Ten tweede kregen ze het volgende verhaal te horen.

The Pharaoh's Desire

The sun set over the Mediterranean sea and bathed the city of Alexandria in a beautiful red hue. In the palace, the lamps were lit and reflected across the golden walls of the bedroom.
Augustus stood at the window, overlooking the city. Behind him stood Cleopatra - Egypt's last ruler, and soon a ruler no more.
'The city is yours, my lord', she said as she embraced him from behind. 'You have conquered it with all your might.'
'A great addition to the Roman Empire,' he answered bluntly. 'Soon, all knowledge that Egypt has to offer will be known to us.'
She squeezed him tighter. 'But you know, there is one other thing you should conquer first...' she whispered in his ear.
He didn't reply. 'You may be strong on the battlefield, Augustus... but are you also strong in... the bedroom...'
He turned around, surprised by her words. Cleopatra moved her hands and closed them around his waist.
'What do you mean, Cleopatra?'
'You know exactly what I mean,' she said. She looked outside and saw the obelisk in the town square. But now, she was only interested in one man's obelisk.
She caressed his strong body. 'I was taught to revere the Gods. Horus, Seth, Ra, Anubis... But Augustus, I revere you more than them... none of them come close to you...'
'Careful what you say, young woman. One must not compare themselves to the Gods.'
'Oh, don't be so serious. You have all the time in the world to be pious. This one night, I'm sure you can let it go...'
Then he broke loose and turned around. Cleopatra stepped back; she saw his armour and noticed its unusual bulge. 'I know you want it, Augustus, I know you do...'
'No, I don't. Stop it, it is not right.'
'Oh, yes it is...' She grabbed her robe and pulled it off her arms, revealing her young, smooth body, akin to that of a goddess.
'Cleopatra, stop.'
She didn't stop, and moved her robe down even more, until her two jewels, larger almost than the great pyramids of Giza, came into view. 'Are you sure? I know this interests you...'
'STOP!!!' He boomed. And she did.
'You're foolish, Cleopatra. You think you can tempt me with your beauty. This is all a plan to take back Egypt for yourself.'
'No it isn't, my dear...'
'Oh yes it is. This is your masterplan. But I have only the importance of Rome in mind, and will not let myself be tempted by ungodly desires.'
He turned around and stared at the setting sun. 'Cleopatra, your youth is temporary. But the glory of Rome... the glory of Rome is forever!'


  • LucLuc Duivelseitje, ICT Berichten: 187
    Dit was duidelijk de ergste consequentie van ons falen 😆
  • JJK_42JJK_42 Duivelseitje, Zombie Berichten: 58
    Nee dit was de belonging voor de dingen die we wel hebben gehaald.
    "We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment! And when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. For it is only when fall that you will learn whether you can fly."
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