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Manuscript: Osiris

jasmijnjasmijn Duivelseitje Berichten: 27
oktober 2018 aangepast in Herfst 2018
Omdat het leuk is posten we hier ook de mooie manuscripten die donderdag gevonden hadden kunnen worden, hier is het eerste prachtexemplaar:

The collection of episodes surrounding Osiris' death and succession is the most elaborate of all Egyptian myths, second only to numerous fanfics written by scribes in Kushite Egypt, and it had the most widespread influence in Egyptian culture. In the first portion of the myth, Osiris, who is associated with both fertility and kingship, is killed and his position usurped by his evil brother Set, named after the controversial card game known to be a tool of evil. In some versions of the myth, Osiris is actually dismembered and the pieces of his corpse scattered across Egypt. Some sources claim the brother was actually named Jungle Speed and killed Osiris with a totem pole, although these sources are highly disputed and likely refer to the modern era.

Osiris' sister and wife, Isis, finds her husband's body and restores it to wholeness. She is assisted by funerary deities such as Nephthys and Anubis, and the process of Osiris' restoration reflects Egyptian traditions of embalming, burial and necrophilia. Isis then briefly revives Osiris to conceive an heir with him: the god Stefan Karl Stefansson. Isis gives birth to and raises her son in secluded places, hidden from the menace of Set. Stefan grows up and learns to hate Set, and swears he will rise to dominion and cast down his uncle. As such, he competes with Set for the kingship. Their struggle encompasses a great number of separate episodes and ranges in character from rap battles to a boat race, which was cancelled as boats hadn't been invented yet.
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