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Manuscript UB

jasmijnjasmijn Duivelseitje Berichten: 27
oktober 2018 aangepast in Herfst 2018
Omdat het leuk is posten we hier ook de mooie manuscripten die donderdag gevonden hadden kunnen worden, hier is het eerste prachtexemplaar:

"The first wisdom," the Scribe said to the Dying Man, "is that as the world is made of five elements, so is the soul of Man; know therefore that in this life, you are Heart and Shadow and Name; and also Ka and Ba. Without all these, you would not be a living being, but a thing.

What is a man without a Name, who cannot speak of himself?

What is a man without a Shadow, who is not anchored in the world?

What is a man without a Heart, who can neither feel nor think?

What is a man without a Ka, who has no essence?

What is a man without a Ba, who is not himself, but like unformed clay?

Therefore praise Osiris, the King of Eternity, the Lord of Everlastingness, the eldest son of the womb of Nut, he who traverses millions of years in his existence."


"Tell me of the fearsome demons of the Duat," the Dying Man said to the wise Scribe.

"Though their terrible forms are loathsome to behold, they are not evil, for they are the servants of the gods; truly, they are the blessed doorkeepers and guardians of the holy paths. Their charge is to judge whether we are worthy to pass the gates that lead to Aaru; and so they challenge us with riddles, or in combat."

"Is this true of all the beings that live in the Duat?"

"Some say that it is not so; that there are ancient gods whose names have been forgotten, and spirits of darkness whose name none have ever known, and that these must be avoided at all costs. But others say that these, too, serve a greater purpose in ways that Osiris has not revealed to us."
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